President: Lian-Tsai Jong
Established: 1962/04/05
Trade Mark: F.S.、 FUSAN 、
22,Lane 89,Sec.4,Chung-Mei Road, Ho-MeiTown,Chang Hua, Taiwan R.O.C.
  TEL: 886 4 756-2131~10
  FAX: 886 4 756-2130
  Site Area- 30,000㎡
  Building- 25,000㎡
  Staff&Employee- 350
  Productivity- 2Millon Pieces Per Month
The Administrative Committee of Wuzhong District Economic Develop Zone
  TEL: 86 512 652-88865
  FAX: 86 512 652-88867
  Site Area- 50,000㎡
  Building- 25,000
  Staff&Employee- 330
Currently under construction with expected production 4th quarter of 2002
Fu San Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1962 by president, Mr. Lian-Tsai Jong. The company began as a manufacturer of metal construction materials. Under the leadership of president Jong and the 40 years of manufacturing experience we continued to grow and develop our current valve product line.

We concentrated in two major areas, research and development and energetically intensify our quality control system. The result is that Fu San emerged from being a small factory to become one of the leading manufacturers of valves in Taiwan and a recognized name worldwide. In addition to ISO listing we believe we offer the most extensive product line available from any individual factory. We always follow the ideology of Devotion, Honor, Dedication, and Harmony to improve product quality, serve our community, and maintain our goal for long lasting of our enterprise.

We are not only the leader of the valve industry in Taiwan, but earn the approval and confidence of customers in Europe, America, Japan and other markets of the world. This is because we never stop pursuing our goals of excellent manufacturing, strict quality control, and outstanding R&D which become a crucial point in ensuring that Fu San maintains a competitive position in the world market.
  • 1962 Company established
  • 1968 Moved in Chang -Hua factory
  • 1975 Passed CNS certification
  • 1979 Passed AGA certification
  • 1981 Granted "A grade" qualified factory
    Passed CSA certification
  • 1982 Passed CGA certification
  • 1983 Moved to Ho-Mei factory
  • 1989 Passed UL certification
    Passed ASSE certification
  • 1992 Passed KS certification
  • 1994 Passed IAPMO certification
  • 1995 Passed BCIQ/ISO 9002 certification
    Passed FM certification
  • 1996 Passed UL/ISO 9002 certification
  • 1998 Passed BCIQ/ISO 9001 certification
    Passed UL/ISO 9001 certification
  • 1999 Passed ANSI/NSF 61-9 certification
  • 2000 Passed ANSI/NSF 61-8 certification
    Passed BSMI/ISO 9001 certification
  • 2001 China Plant currently under construction
    Site area 30,000
  • 2003 China Plant start production
We are not only the leader of valve industries in Taiwan but also win the approval and reliance from customers in Europe, America, Japan etc. and also build a global sales network. This is because we never stop pursuing excellent manufacturing, strict quality control and outstanding R&D in order to become a crucial point in ensuring Fu San's competitiveness in currently market.

Products R&D is always the motivation of continually creative and steadily growth for Fu San; also with the professional support of our excellent engineers and up-to-date apparatus, we design a product by 3 dimensions models and drawing for molding section making all machining tools to satisfy the producing requirement. The many and many of items, which develop, design and produce by us are not only can satisfy the customers needed but also fulfill the marketing requirement. Due to our out standing of product R&D ability in valve industries; therefore, this is why we can take such high percentage of international marketing share.

How to achieve the Fu San goal after the out standing R&D technology prepared? We used the reasonable produce procedure to present the goal and keep the materials, casting, forging, machining, and assembling to become a producing chain. First, all incoming raw materials should be inspected by QA person for assuring the quality is approved before running into produce procedures. There are two different methods we apply in making rough parts, which are "Casting" and " Forging". The difference between Casting and Forging is forging parts can take high pressure then casting. The rough parts no matter made by casting or by forging; both should pass the 100% of inspection and surface treatment, and then go into the automatically machining procedure. The parts will go into assembling procedure after machining. None of our products are delivered without passing pressure test and leaking inspections. We are the first one to use automatic production facilities in Taiwan valve industries, which enlarge our overall production capacity also make a lot of improvement of quality. Our customers are pleased with FS automatic system.

We emphasize on steadily growth with long last going and keeping cost-effectiveness in mind to provide customers with competitive prices to be our spirits. Base on these spirits to create Fu San operation principles and guides.

Our operation principles are Devotion, Honor, Dedication, Harmony and its meanings are: To improve quality with devotion; To make profit with honor; To innovate methods for development and economization with dedication; To work as a team harmoniously;

Our guide principles are Customer first , Quality oriented, Excellent performance, Cost saving, Technique improvement, Steady progress, high morale, cooperation and it achieves on every departments and employees. It also became the company culture and the spirit of Fu San.

Because of our product quality guarantee policy to make our customers for expanding business steadily and building business relationship with them; to except the R&D technology and produce procedure, we have our own QA system. No matter in materials, machining or assembling procedures, all should be past through the various inspections. Even outside vendors also have to follow our quality policy without exception. These inspections ensure that we could fully be in control every key factors in production and achieve the zero defect goal.

"One false step makes a great difference; a miss is as good as a mile." We all know that the quality is very important for every single process. We have obtained many international certification approvals for ISO 9001, UL, CSA, FM, NSF and etc., it also the best proof that Fu San Quality Policy.

As a result of our R&D technology and precision facilities; reasonable produce procedure and strictly quality assurance system to be form Fu San. But not only these strenuous efforts, all of the certifications also can be proof our strength.

Except for endeavoring achieve the best in our professional field, we also deeply concern about the surroundings and never forget our society responsibility. We make every possible effort, such as recycling used materials, to protect our environment.
UL ISO 9001


Underwritters Laboratories, Inc.
C N S Chinese National Standards
CMA China Measure Association
F M Factory Mutual Research
American Gas Association
Canadian Gas Association
C S A Canadian Standard Association
A S S E American Society of Sanitary Engineering
Uniform Plumbing Code
International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials
ANSI/NSF 61.8 美國Truesdail Laboratories,Inc.無鉛驗證
ANSI/NSF 61.9 美國Truesdail Laboratories,Inc.無鉛驗證

Fu San insist on emphasis on the improvement and long last going of the enterprise, we are never satisfied with what we have owned now and continue developing a newest product and saving cost for customers. This is what we move forward. Fu San would keep doing our best and strive for a more flourishing and prosperous. And then share our honors and pleasure with everyone in future.


22,Lane 89, Sec. 4, Chang - Mei Road, Ho - Mei Town, Chang Hua, Taiwan R.O.C.

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